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I find it curious, as you might, that when you ask someone what “beautiful” means they get it straight away. There is no hesitation in the reply. What further pulls me in is that the answer varies from person to person showcasing that beauty takes on many subjective forms.

But, when the penetrating follow-up question, “How often do you participate in your chosen form of beauty?”, the tail normally tucks between the legs. I can only offer one perspective because I am one man. …

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Even non-professionals can spot an instrument out of tune. This is what it feels like today despite the rapid advancement of our time. People know and feel that something is off, but can’t quite describe it. And in the rare instance someone does have the language to define it, they often don’t have the guts to do anything about it.

Wrapped in the fantasy of perfection, you have this ideal in your head about what your life should be. Spotless. Linear. Clean. …

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Although they are few and far between, if you hunt long enough, you will find people who display a primal characteristic that borders eccentricity.

While others are swimming upriver trying to unpack what the obstacle in front of them means, or while the crowds are busy building up their own self-pity philosophizing about why the situation is unfair, or when fear of disapproval freezes up an entire generation, there is a small group of individuals who have no time nor can they afford to think about anything else but the task in front of them.

This is the art of action therapy.

Lock onto something and pursue it fiercely. Break it down so you can deposit effort into it daily. This is a practical way to dissolve the false pressure that your default mode network is constantly trying to pour onto your mind and soul.

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What you know and what you do stretch in opposite directions. This is a thread of the human story. However, before this deflates you, there is a detail in this fact that offers a subtle opportunity. The distance between what you know and what you do is malleable.

For instance, you say love is important but it is nowhere to be found in your heart. And since love is a massive conduit for energy, it will, it must fill itself with an alternative. Most often, this secondary fuel source is hurry. …

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There seems to be this huge hurriedness to find enlightenment. I do not mean this in a mystical, religious sense. But look around. You will see everyone being brutal with themselves, dashing this way and that, trying to reach the top of the mountain in a few steps. They are sophisticated and worldly with many luxuries at their disposal but underneath that first inch of their mind, it is a scared supplication for adequacy. This has been accepted as normal.

But here is an alternative that I hope comes off as practical. First, become curious about your curiosity. Spend time…

Brian McFadden

Made in 85. I write about self-discovery & personal effectiveness using both sides of my brain. My work:

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