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If you decide to go down a path of self-mastery, it is likely you will also find yourself overcomplicating the journey. Why?

Unless you seek out deep instruction, the Puritan framework will dominate your mind and eventually be the software you run your whole life on. You will falsely assume that all-important things require more energy or resources than you have to give. This, however, is only one point of view.

Bring yourself to this question each time you are facing a giant: “What is the simplest way to accomplish this project?”

By zooming out, others will label you as…

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When people say “trust the process,” what they are really trying to communicate is “master the mechanics of practice.”

As you probably are already aware, in the West, we have built a product culture. Meaning, the end result, or the outcome, is what matters most. This has an interesting slow-drip impact on the collective psychology of the nation. To put a handle on this concept, think about how many people you personally know who have a sound definition of practice who also cultivate the art on a daily basis?

We have trained ourselves to do almost everything as a means…

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It is 2021 and the pressure of that invisible chaos lurking right under the surface of the skull is building. The challenge is that it is hard to pinpoint and anyone who claims it is a simple solution is either a 19th-century banker who compartmentalizes her entire existence or it is someone who quite simply hasn’t stepped out of their own echo chamber and has no idea of the times we live in.

We are in multiple transitions at once where ways of living in the past are either obsolete or are no longer of interest to the generations in…

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I find it curious, as you might, that when you ask someone what “beautiful” means they get it straight away. There is no hesitation in the reply. What further pulls me in is that the answer varies from person to person showcasing that beauty takes on many subjective forms.

But, when the penetrating follow-up question, “How often do you participate in your chosen form of beauty?”, the tail normally tucks between the legs. I can only offer one perspective because I am one man. …

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Even non-professionals can spot an instrument out of tune. This is what it feels like today despite the rapid advancement of our time. People know and feel that something is off, but can’t quite describe it. And in the rare instance someone does have the language to define it, they often don’t have the guts to do anything about it.

Wrapped in the fantasy of perfection, you have this ideal in your head about what your life should be. Spotless. Linear. Clean. …

Brian McFadden

Made in 85. I write about self-discovery & personal effectiveness using both sides of my brain. My work:

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