Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

all night, the cool heavy breeze

tumbles through the window from an
ancient past naked from the cloak of time.

it’s no wonder why the language of sleep is fluid off my tongue.

when I rise, the streams of fear
have been damned, and I stand before

another threshold that must be crossed

if I care to let go of what has already

been lost.



Photo by Kristaps Ungurs on Unsplash

we believe our minds
and it lies to us all the time.

caught in this delusion,
we continually walk through
the two doors of
suffering and happiness
and still don’t find what we want.

it is conditioned habit energy
to be dependent on these two portals
but it is also your nature to outgrow them.

there’s a third door
and it’s gateless.

stop looking
and you’ll discover it.



(Enzo Ferrari & Gian Paolo Dallara, 1970)

men go on for decades,
sound asleep

with a sickle at hand,
trying to cut through all of the
endless shifting of
flora and fauna in their heads,

and arrive at a clearing
expecting to find a land
free from suffering.

instead, they are met with emptiness,
and the only tool left is rage
which in these times,
is considered to be a
disgrace and inhumane only to be
washed over and shrunk
with the mundane alum of modernity.

but men need to swallow that fury and let it cook everything
it touches on the way down.

what’s left will be a man who no longer needs the womb and is done
fantasizing about the heavens.

He is here, finally.



Photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash

there I was, sitting in the shallow whitewash,
where all the waves come and go

watching my son boogie board
while my wife and daughter built sand castles behind me.

nervous breakthrough is the only way I know how to describe it.

the road of fear I had walked on for so long
had collapsed, and the path I had wanted to travel instead
was suddenly closer than my own eyes.

i was living the life I had envisioned
and could not locate the map on how to do it.

nobody told me that the opening of eyes long
closed can blind you.